Angela Fremont's oil portraits of baseball gloves were shown at Gallery 53 in Cooperstown, New York, to celebrate the August 1997 induction ceremonies at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Pete Rose: "So. You're a painter! That's your story and you're sticking to it!"
Phil Niekro: "Wow! They look great! They look so real!"
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I like gloves. They tell a story, they are both male and female, they are hand made. In 1996 I started painting portraits of baseball gloves because I had been coaching Little League for 4 years, playing softball, and being an avid baseball fan. It just seemed a likely thing to do. In 1998 the gloves got bigger and I began to look at fragments of the gloves and reassemble them. At the same time I began doing rubbings of gloves with ebony on cotton, tearing the cotton, stitching it to rag paper and manipulating the shapes with other drawing techniques. These drawings led me to the more abstract paintings. This is all really new and a bit scary, painting non-objective images, but I am following a thread, and don't know where I'm going. 10-99
Current work The Chibok Project